Final step towards total customization of 3D printed products. Freedom Of Creation and FreshFiber develop online customization tool through

Freedom Of Creation, Dutch design editor and pioneer in 3D printing, and FreshFiber, electronics accessories brand, are inviting visionary people, design addicts and pioneers to help fund the world’s first online customization tool for 3D products. On, everybody believing in the future of mass-customization, a true potential of 3D printing, can contribute, with low or big budgets, to this ambitious and futuristic project. Deadline for pledging is 27 February 2011.

Backers of the online customization tool by Freedom Of Creation and FreshFiber can choose among seven different categories of pledges ranging from $1 to $497 US Dollars. Backers will receive exclusive and personalized items (small “thank-you’s” or huge”thanks a million’s”) related to this project, going from exclusive wallpapers for the $1 pledge to the possibility of collaborating with Freedom Of Creation in the realization of a FreshFiber iPad case design for the premium pledge.

With the help of pledges of a minimum amount of $20,000 US, Freedom Of Creation and FreshFiber will start up their online customization tool for 3D printing, allowing for the creation of a new breed of products which sound like utopia to injection mould manufacturers.

In depth information to the public is available on:

About Freedom Of Creation –

Freedom Of Creation believes in a future where data is the design product, and where products are distributed in the same way images and music travel through the internet today. FOC visions a future where storage is virtual, and the materials used for creating tangible products can be recycled and reused for any future creation people’s hearts desire. FOC’s work has something revolutionary, its products and services are part of a new movement that is changing the world.

The journey of FOC started in 2000 with creating products for interior design. The company has come a long way and is now spreading the Freedom Of Creation message to a vast selection of clients in all areas of product development all around the globe.

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