Asia Culture Center (ACC) – Gwangju (Repubblica di Corea)

Asia Culture Center (ACC) is seeking participants for ACC Residency 2023. ACC has been organizing international residency programs not just as a form of artistic support policy, but a superlative creation/production program to produce novel and diverse content with creative talents from all over the world. As a forum for experimentation and exchange it envisions alternative futures based on a spirit of artistic engagement with reality. This year, the residency will be held in collaboration with ACC Sound Art Lab under the theme “Futures of Listening” which is also a long-term project led by ACC Sound Art Lab.

As part of the collaboration, the two programs will be jointly organizing creative support programs for participants including talks and workshops by four world-renowned soundscape experts. Based on these, residency participants are to develop and present concepts for individual projects exploring the theme. This will be followed by the actual production and realization of the project, culminating in a final showcase exhibition in November.

The ACC Residency call is intended for researchers and creators who have worked in the fields of art (all genres), humanities/social sciences, and science/technology. Even those who have never worked in the soundscape genre before are welcome to participate. The selection will focus on those who demonstrate an open mindset toward the creation/production program, share novel and diverse projects, and have the capabilities to realize their ideas with a final creative product.

Through initial document review and subsequent interviews, ACC will be selecting eight artists/teams from Korea and overseas. The final selections will be announced on ACC website in March.

Selected creators and researchers will have access to ACC’s technical equipment and infrastructure, including machine molding and digital A/V technology at the ACC creation studio. They will also receive a workspace and accommodations for a six-month period, along with 2 million won per month in creative activity funding and 15 million won total in production funding. Various other programs will also be provided, including history and culture tours and workshops. Overseas participants will receive airfare.

Applications may be downloaded in document form from the ACC website, completed, and submitted online.

Those interested in more details about this open call may visit the ACC website or inquire via or T +82-070-8983-9862.

Call for participants: ACC Residency 2023 overview

  • Theme: “Futures of Listening”
  • Residency dates: May–October 2023 (approx. six months)
  • Eligible participants: Researchers, artists and creators in art, humanities/social sciences, and science/technology. Individuals or teams of maximum 2 members
  • Criteria: Professional individuals/teams with potential who have a history of related activities and are currently active in one or more of the aforementioned fields.

Forms of Support

  • Workspace, accommodations, access to creation/production center
  • 2,000,000 KRW per month as creative support (Payable to up to two members per group for six months)
  • 15,000,000 KRW as project support (per each project regardless of team members)
  • Airfare for overseas participants

Required documents

  • Application (including consent to collection and use of personal information): Designated format (.doc)
  • Portfolio: Designated format (.pdf, no more than 30 pages including cover page, maximum of 50MB)
  • One recommendation (overseas artists)


  • Application submission: Wednesday, January 25–Sunday, February 5, 2023, 6pm KST
  • Shortlisted candidates for interview announced: Wednesday, February 22, 2023
  • Interview: Tuesday, February 28, 2023 (individual notification)
  • Final selections announced: Friday, March 3, 2023