Museu do Amanhã Praça Mauá- Rio de Janeiro

Open your eyes and get ready to update everything you’ve read, watched, and heard about the advancement of media. The first edition of the NOVA RIO BIENNIAL OF ART AND TECHNOLOGY will take place at the Museu do Amanhã. This event shifts the paradigm of exhibitions of its kind and becomes a part of the cultural programming calendar of Rio de Janeiro. The aim is to reconfigure the concept of the future in light of what creators from all over the planet exhibit and develop for screens near you, whether in the palm of your hand, on your mobile device, or through a digital TV set, or on monumental walls filled with pixels. When we think of recent Art in the strictest sense, we necessarily consider the concept of the New as the driving force behind the arts, without which they would be merely standardized or purely market-driven. Arts and Culture, in general, apply this criterion, for without it, they would become stagnant and repetitive over time. On the other hand, when we think of Technology we envision the implication of concept of Innovation, which produces economic disruptions and new social behaviours. The term ‘artistic novelty’ refers to the product of poetic creation through human intuition and imagination, contextualized within the historical knowledge of the arts. On the other hand, ‘technological innovation,’ derived from scientific invention, is based on the understanding of networks, algorithms, and machine languages, including contemporary fields like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

When we reflect on the concept of ‘Art and Technology,’ we notice that more than a mere combination of these two things, a fusion between the new and innovation takes place, giving rise to another conceptual form, which we call NOVA = artistic novelty + fusion + technological innovation. Therefore, by NOVA, we mean not the motor that would produce works in a teleological progressive time, but the FUSION of concepts: a stochastic fusion between intuition and machine, creativity and intelligence. The invitation to the public is to contemplate, interact, and reflect upon nearly 70 artworks from 30 countries. Among the 66 participating artists, collectives, and studios, ten represent Brazil. A distinctive feature of this first edition is the exploration of two themes: The New Aesthetics and Supercreativity in the era of Artificial Intelligence, showcased through both indoor and outdoor artworks.