VOLTA – New York (USA)
17-21 maggio 2023

Anna Laudel is pleased to announce its fourth participation in VOLTA New York, from 17 to 21 May 2023. Anna Laudel’s participation in the fair will include a special selection of artworks by artists Anke Eilergerhard, Mathias Hornung, and Ardan Özmenoğlu.

Known for its support of ambitious international galleries, VOLTA returns for its 2023 edition to present over 50 international galleries at the Metropolitan Pavilion. The art fair aims to present artists and galleries that reflect the changing world and invites visitors to discover new perspectives.  In accordance with the focus of the fair, Anna Laudel’s collection includes contemporary artworks that have never been displayed before. 

The Berlin-based artist Anke Eilergerhard is known for her colourful and unique silicone sculptures. For VOLTA the artist created a wall relief entitled “KRAFTWERK / POWER PLANT”. It consists of roughly 10,000 identical “cream hoods” made from silicone. The strict symmetry of the star shape as well as the bright color composition give the work a sense of intrinsic energy.  

In his work, Mathias Hornung explores concepts of poetry, anarchy, and time. His hand-carved wooden blocks and the prints on paper realised with said blocks reflect the artists’ take on tradition, innovation, and technology.

Hornung juxtaposes space and surface, colour and material, figure and ground, form and play, seriality and uniqueness in all of his art work. Paradox and discrepancy are two concepts that dominate in Hornung’s work, be it his use of space and surface, colour and material, figurative shapes or repetitive patterns. He breaks regular, seemingly perfect patterns with “imperfections”, and finds unexpected ways to interfere with the seeming seriality of his work, reflecting his own view on life and society’s notion of time. 

Ardan Özmenoğlu gained worldwide acclaim with the work she creates using post-it notes as canvases. She started using post-its as a primary medium in 2005 and has since then used the format as a commentary on Turkish history and people´s daily lives in Istanbul.  Her explorations both touch on modern society as a whole but also on the perception of modern urban women. Distinctively humorous, yet also argumentative and critical in nature, her work clearly reflects a sense of belonging to Turkish identity and culture and the artist’s curiosity and exploration for breaking with traditions and finding new identities within what has been established and dominated the historical imagery and culture of Turkey. Using popular phrases or commonly known images in Turkish society, her work touches upon notions of pop culture in some instances, yet as an artist she has created her own, recognizable style by focusing and limiting herself to specific materials, such as the post-it notes.