Haus der Kunst – Monaco (Germania)
Spring/Summer 2024

Language is beyond words, music is beyond sound, and art is beyond life”—Pan Daijing

To see the world as light and energy”—Liliane Lijn

First with your tiptoes, then with your hips, your shoulders, and finally with every detail of your body, right down to the end of your hair multiplying yourself in the mirrors until infinity [.]”—Rebecca Horn

The programme at Haus der Kunst München for 2024 continues our process of interconnecting and bridging trans­disciplinary approaches, transnational outlooks, canon reevaluations, and intergenerational innovators. TUNE continues, Haus der Kunst‘s series of monthly sound and music residencies, so does our commitment to live and liveness in a growing digital world, and to learning and engagement—all fundamental instruments of the programme. The theme of voice, a backbone for 2023, continues and expands. Language and new languages represent the next stage. Be it through installations, motored objects, moving bodies, and performativity, the visionary women artists who open solo exhibitions in 2024 orchestrate the interplay of bodies, machines, moving images, sound, and light in new and diverse languages, echoed across time and space. Through these artists, the building becomes a stage for their choreographies, and through its manipulation, the transformation into a new living organism continues. We aim to give shape to an institution where everyone can understand themselves as a living community. We look forward to welcoming you at Haus der Kunst for this journey. —Andrea Lissoni and Emma Enderby

Pan Daijing: Mute
March 9–April 14, 2024
The live-exhibition encompasses choreography, architectural intervention, sound, and moving images. The artist’s largest solo exhibition to date will manifest as an ever-evolving environ­ment. It invites the audience on a journey that spans the entire Westgalerie and adjacent spaces inside and outside the building.
With the support of Y.D.C.

Luisa Baldhuber: Afterglow
February 23–December 15, 2024
“Afterglow” references the design of Munich’s English Garden and transposes it as an installation composed of light and wall painting. The contrast between the park and the architecture of Haus der Kunst forms the basis for this site-specific and site-responsive installation.

Liliane Lijn: Arise Alive
April 5–September 22, 2024
The exhibition is Lijn’s first institutional solo exhibition of this scale, presenting her painting, drawing, sculptural, film work, and installations. It surveys her works from the late 1950s to the present, showcasing her experimentation with and visualisation of reflection, motion, electronic waves, vibration, light, and sound.
The exhibition is developed in cooperation with the mumok—Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien.

Rebecca Horn
April 26–October 13, 2024
The exhibition is focused on performativity, spanning the artist’s first works on paper in the 1960s, the early performances and films of the 1970s, the mechanical sculptures of the 1980s, and the spacial installations of the 1990s to the present. Horn describes her artistic practice as carefully calculated relationships of space, light, physicality, sound, and rhythm, which come together to form an ensemble. The exhibition is supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Samaneh Atef—Belén Sánchez—Desmond Tjonakoy: euward9
May 17–July 14, 2024
Haus der Kunst will welcome the winners of the euward European Award for Painting and Graphic Arts: Samaneh Atef, Belén Sánchez, and Desmond Tjonakoy. Since 2000, the Augustinum Foundation has awarded the prize every three years to artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities to help gain visibility and recognition within the art world.

All year

TUNE, a series of short sound residencies, explores the intersections of sound, music, and visual art. The programme for 2024 moves between macro and micro experiences of sound, from the spiritual to the material, and from timelessness to the present. Artists invited in 2024 include Ellen Arkbro, Marcus Pal, Meredith Monk, Puce Mary, Leila Boudreuil, Jim C. Nedd, Slauson Malone 1, Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura, Hanne Lippard, Pavel Milyakov, FUJI|||||||||||TA, and Jana Winderen.