Made in collaboration with the Milanese start-up WIDE VR, and thanks to the most advanced technologies that can reproduce artworks and three-dimensional digital spaces, Cardi Gallery – on the occasion of the exhibition I Dormienti by Mimmo Paladino – presents a Real-time 3D streaming version of the exhibition which will be available on the gallery’s website

The gallery makes use of this new digital format which integrates the most advanced technological research on virtual reality, to offer its audience a high-quality experience.

The 32 terracotta sculptures which make up the artwork were scanned employing a photogrammetry procedure that reproduces the three-dimensional image to the finest detail, to then reassemble it in the virtual space of the gallery. The visitor will be able to navigate online among the artworks and observe the details that compose the works of art at 360 degrees, just as they would in real space, with the opportunity of clicking on the artworks to gather in-depth information and unpublished content from them.
The innovative element at the heart of the project is the Real-time 3D Streaming technology,
used mostly from gaming, and able to bring the quality of the virtual exhibition to unprecedented

“At a time when it is crucial to think about new ways of attending exhibitions, this initiative aims to propose an additional tool to bring the public closer to art”, underlines Nicolo Cardi, Group CEO & President of Cardi Gallery.

“Our innovative project enriches the wide offer that galleries and fairs from all over the world have proposed in 2020. The field of technological research still offers plenty of room for experimentation and we wanted to play a leading role for a new evolutionary chapter”, adds Giacomo Nicolodi, Chief Marketing Officer of Cardi Gallery.

“Cardi Gallery has always experimented with innovative ways of sharing and interacting with the public. During these weeks we still have the honor of hosting the wonderful exhibition of the great artist Mimmo Paladino. An installation that offers a unique emotional experience, now available to everyone, thanks to Real-time 3D Streaming technology. An opportunity that, I am sure, will be particularly appreciated”- explains Barbara Berlusconi, Partner of Cardi Gallery.