Facilities in Kyotango City, Miyazu City, Yosano Town, Fukuchiyama City, Nantan City and Yawata City
Friday, September 24th –Sunday, November 7th, 2021

Kyoto prefecture continues to refine its previous art projects encapsulating the history, natural features, tangible cultural properties, scenic spots, landscapes, areas abundant in nature, and the culture of everyday life in its designated tourism areas, Kyoto by the Sea (prefecture North), Woodland Kyoto (prefecture central), and Kyoto Tea Country (prefecture South). This year Alternative Kyoto will be redefined as an art festival to explore the possibilities that imaginative art has as a new capital (or currency); possibilities that may change the future of our society. This project aims to implement initiatives promoting local culture to both the Japanese and international audiences driving both international tourism and the revitalization of local economies. It involves the creation of spaces using digital art bringing together outlying culture with the latest in technology, and the exhibition of contemporary art works utilizing artist-in-residence programs incorporating local cultural resources.

The overview of the six areas

Kyotango/Kyoto by the Sea (prefecture North)

Located in the North of the prefecture, the Kyotango area will be host to an event now in its third year, Landscape Rippers 3. The title implies “changes in scenic appearance” through art activities as opposed to digital theft. Visitors will be able to appreciate each artist’s revision of the local features as they explore the various natural topography of the Kyotango area.

Miyazu Amanohashidate/ Kyoto by the Sea (prefecture North)T

The stage is set in the Amanohashidatearea, one of Japan’s three famous vistas by the sea in the North of the prefecture. Here, visitors can experience a world of digital art using tangible cultural properties, scenery, and areas abundant in nature as raw materials in artworks. Prepare to see a magical “bridge to heaven” world of digital art with light, video and sound.

Yosano/ Kyoto by the Sea (prefecture North)

In Yosano, a town in the mountainous region North of the prefecture, the textile industry has been in operation since time immemorial; even to this day you can hear the sound of looms producing the high quality Tango Chirimen silk that has supported the local economy here. The art unit Another Farm (members OZAKIHiromi (Sputniko!), and KUSHINOShinya) will be exhibiting experimental works combining traditional techniques with the latest in technology.

Fukuchiyama/ Kyoto by the Sea(prefecture North)and Woodland Kyoto (prefecture central)

Located in the north of Kyoto prefecture, and known as a castle town and rest stop for those traveling to the San’in region, Fukuchiyama will be exhibiting the work of various artists with a theme of light, and other various media artworks incorporating the local history and natural features. The creative exchange between the local area and artists was devised to offer fresh opportunities to create new value in local culture.

Nantan/ Woodland Kyoto(prefecture central)

A newly created art document based on the research project Kyoto: Re-Search in Nantanheld last year will be exhibited. A group of 6 participating artists, including ARAKI Yu, stayed in Nantan as a group, and have been invited to give a lecture on their work. Their aim was to entice the town into creating a place/community to discover something new in the local area.

Yawata/ Kyoto Tea Country (prefecture South)

A newly created art document based on the research project Kyoto: Re-Search in Yawataheld last year will be exhibited. A group of 5 participating artists, including ISHIKAWARyuichi and SHIMABUKU, stayed in Yawata as a group, and have been invited to give a lecture on their work. They will be showing artworks that make clear distinctions and deepen understanding of local regionality and history.