09 / 09 / 202 – 13 / 09 / 2020

While the authorities and police enforce emergency laws and new intervention rights, social initiatives flourish; entire economic sectors collapse while others boom, some – mostly men – find greater self-determination in working from home while others – mostly women – see their workload increase and flexibility decrease in low-paid but “essential” jobs; wealth increases hugely for a few superrich people and poverty worsens for tens of millions, especially women and children. Not in spite of Corona, but because of it, people all over the world are asking themselves: how should we go on, how must we go on?

That’s why Ars Electronica 2020 is taking place: not in spite of Corona, but because of it. From September 9 to 13, the Festival for Art, Technology and Society will simply ask the question, what should be done now? For the first time, this will be the theme not only in Linz – in the city center and on the beautiful JKU campus – but at 120 locations around the globe.

Once around the world: a journey through Ars Electronica Gardens on every continent

From Silicon Valley to Auckland, from Bergen to Johannesburg, in big cities like L.A., London, Berlin, Moscow, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo, on a research ship in Antarctica or on the bed of the Adriatic Sea – in the midst of the corona pandemic, this year’s festival is more international than ever before. For the first time, Ars Electronica will take place not only in Linz but at 120 locations around the world. Festival venues can be found on every continent.

They will show exhibitions, hold workshops and conferences, stage performances and concerts and offer guided “journeys.” All programs are aimed at the regional audience – Stay Home, Stay Safe! – and are linked by Ars Electronica to form a unique festival on the Net.

Through streams, chats, blogs, social media and Mozilla Hubs, anyone can take part in this unique world tour, visit familiar and unfamiliar places and meet new people: people who use peaceful means to fight against the destruction of our environment, who creatively rebel against the powerful, who demand that technology be oriented towards humans and not the other way around – in short, people who engage with the burning questions of our time.