Loud Matter is a new audiovisual live performance that unites live created stop motion animation, drums, live code & 8 bit chiptune music.

Using stop motion technique to animate physical materials – a classic animation
techinque born in the 1920’s used for creating animated tv series and films before CGI largely took over as the new and more affordable method for creating animated footage – objects are photographed between each movement and played back as a sequence of frames, thus moving the objects. Custom software was developed for this performance to synchronise and control the playback of these live animated sequences through live drums and 8 bit chiptune music generated on the classic Nintendo Gameboy.

A custom-made animation station was made to create the animations live on stage, and makes use of chromakeying, another classic technique used for removing the background and replacing it for live code – generated animations during the performance.

The live animated sequences are transposed in realtime through a custom-made live coding environment called “mercury” inside MaxMsp-Jitter – creating a visual output that combines live animated footage with code generated animations and overlays.
The animations are played back synchronised and controlled by Live drums and the Nintendo Gameboy. Compositions on the gameboy are created using the application “Little Sound DJ” which allows for both composition and live/playback mode, and is part of the setup using a custom-made device in order to send and receive signals during the live performance.

Loud Matter was born out of a desire to use classic cinematic animation techniques as a performative instrument using custom-made hard and software, in order to change the role of non-realtime media to a realtime environment, in sync with live performed music.