Espacio Byte - Buenos Aires
10 / 03 / 2020 - 10 / 06 / 2020

Espacio Byte, digital art museum, starts the 2020 program with a group exhibition dedicated to cyberdance. “Dancing in other space” gathers a variety of works that articulate the art of dance with the creative possibilities of digital languages.

3D animation, volumetric filmmaking, immersive virtual reality and machinima are some of the creative media to develop these hybrid choreographies. This exhibition proposes an aesthetic experience where the programming of forms, movements, sounds and visual textures merge into new discursive constructions, a new way of making dance.

Since dance was intersected by the codes of digital technologies, traditional notions about its action field have been reformulated. It is in this confluence, language hybridization, where new related practices were born, many of them grouped into categories such as dance onscreencyber-dance or hyperdance. Although these denominations imply some conceptual differences, they all coincide in the reconfiguration of their essential elements.

In cyber-dance the body has been dematerialized. It has extended its scope by transcending its biological limits. New ways of representing it emerge that may or may not be recognized as human. Issues such as gravity, physical energy or genre become obsolete in the virtual scenario.

Movements can be defined by generative algorithms and by interactive choreographies where users define much more than the point of view. Many parameters can be changed and generate new compositional possibilities.

Time is altered, whether due to acceleration or fragmentation, suggesting another temporal dimension. The stage fits on a screen transforming hyperdance into a mediated experience.

This exhibition brings together projects that articulate the art of dance and digital languages. Programmed shapes, movements, sounds and visual textures merge into new discursive practices, new ways of making dance.