Edited by Alessio Chierico

Published by Marco Mancuso

Digicult Editions (2017)

Digicult Editions announces the release of its new book “Investigations on the Cultural Economy of Media Art”, edited by Alessio Chierico. It is a collection of the heterogeneous perspectives that are contributing to the current discussion about the economies of the Media Art field. This text originated from an academic research conducted by Alessio Chierico and published by the Digicult director Marco Mancuso, as a series of articles, during a period of six months.

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Text included in the book:
“Art Industries. A new production paradigma”

Authors in the publication: Paolo Cirio, Annette Doms, Vincenzo Estremo, Steve Fletcher, Marialaura Ghidini, Wolf Lieser, Jonas Lund, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Marco Mancuso, Rebekah Modrak, Christiane Paul, Domenico Quaranta, Christa Sommerer e Laurent Mignonneau, Gerfried Stocker, Pau Waelder

Acknowledging the needs of the art market and its role in the commodification and validation of art practices, this book expands its gaze to the whole setting of the art economy. Addressing the issues of conservation and distribution, as well as many other aspects impacting on this sector, a special emphasis is put on new innovative and critical models.

The book includes papers and essays from (and interviews to) some of the most important curators and critics investigating the possible and impossible impacts of technologies on production, distribution, collection and market of media art pieces.


“This book is the result of a series of activities in which I have been recently involved. My artistic and cultural background developed in very different directions than the ones treated in this publication. However, in this setting, I see a new opportunity in following the deep nature of my attitude: the curious tendency that always brought me to see behind the curtains of human production and the constant impossible research of an improbable universal truth. Formerly, this has been done by enquiring the essence of digital, moving successively to the attempt to find a ground zero of media aesthetics. While this have been valid to explore and reveal the deep mechanisms of media (intended in their communicational connotation) and interfaces (intended as design concept about the concealment of a functioning), now the challenge consists in finding the necessary space to reveal the functioning of the art (intended as a complex system of sociological and economic factors). With these premises, a question mark still persists on the actual balance between intentions and circumstances.” – Alessio Chierico

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