18 / 09 / 20 11

Lecture by Marco Mancuso

Teatro Palladium – Rome

Marco Mancuso was invited by Prof. Marco Maria Gazzano to present at the 16th International Conference of Film Studies. The Conference for 2010 will be on the relationship between “Cinema and Energy”, being energy a concept that invest social life all over the world (besides of human science and scientific research).

Critical text and lecture:
“A myriad of vibrant phenomena”

Critical text video-screening:
“Hidden Worlds”

Both are the , which started in 2008 with the essay written for Bruce Sterling’s Fabrica Workshop, continued with the lecture taken at Museo della Scienza in Naples in 2009 and fixed with the curatorship at Sincronie Festival 2009 and later at Subtle Technologies festival and ISEA conference in Istanbul.

From the mid-Nineties, “Roma Tre” University’s Department of Communication and Spectacle (Di.Co.Spe.) reflects on changes in cinema and other arts, analysing new tendencies and perspectives linked to the evolution of languages, modes of production and making of films.