28 / 11 / 2008

Paper and conference by Marco Mancuso

Fabrica – Treviso

Benetton’s communication research centre, hosted on 25-28 November 2008, a workshop held by futurologist and author Bruce Sterling, one of the founders and leading promulgators of cyberpunk sci-fi.

The workshop was enriched by a contribution from Marco Mancuso, critic, art curator and the founder and director of Digicult. Mancuso attended the presentation of the workshop’s results and offered his comments as a conclusion to the proceedings, and finally wrote a critical issue, inspired by the workshop, for the booklet official pubblication.

Critical text: “Generative Nature”

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The Bruce Sterling workshop theme took its cue from the concept of generative art, i.e. a process which develops with a certain degree of autonomy to produce a work of art or design. When generative art is computer-based, windows are opened onto otherwise unimaginable fields of human creativity.The computer becomes a vehicle for exploring new territories and boosting our understanding of creativity as an inseparable synthesis of art and science.