“Phenomena” was a mixed cultural event commisioned by Subtle Technologies Festival – Where art and Science Meet festival in Toronto, based on 2 videoscreening and 1 lecture, researching how the art-science relationship has affected the audiovisual production in contemporary art.

Hidden Worlds, is another chapter of Marco Mancuso’s research on audiovisual art-science which started from Bruce Sterling’s Fabrica Workshop, continued with the lecture taken at Museo della Scienza in Naples in 2009 and fixed with the curatorship at Sincronie Festival 2009 and invitation at Cinema & Science convention organized by University Roma 3.

subtle3When the Eye Flickers (Quando l’Occhio Trema) – curated by Claudia D’Alonzo togheter with Mario Gorni (Docva archive, Milan) – is a critical research on reconstruction of the historical and methodological path of the use of the Flickering technique.

The videoscreening Hidden Worlds was enriched by a critical essay & lecture, led by Marco Mancuso, entitled “A Myriad of Vibrant Phenomena: the hidden worlds of audiovisual art-science”.

Subtle Technologies is a gathering of artists, scientists, technologists, engineers and the general public. They share cross-disciplinary ideas, explore new technologies, showcase creativity and incubate the next generation of practitioners at the intersection of art, science and technology.

subtle2subtle12011 marks the 14th year of festival and organization. The annual June Festival includes a symposium (3 days of interdisciplinary presentations, demos, lightning talks and panel discussions), performances, exhibitions and films, speed networking and more.

Critical Texts and Presentation