Tolhuistuin & Sexyland World - Amsterdam
30 – 31 / 07 / 2021, h. 13.30-16.30

Taste The Unknown Landscape is an urban expedition and multi-sensory taste experience in which De Onkruidenier, in collaboration with French food designer Céline Pelcé, challenges the visitor to train for a salty future. What do we feel, taste and experience when we expose ourselves to the taste of foam from the sea?

Taste The Unknown Landscape starts with a local bike expedition through the North district of Amsterdam and along the North coast shore of the IJ lake. While getting fed by stories and experiences shared by De Onkruidenier, we wander around for ingredients and new perspectives.

This taste experience by artist collective Onkruidenier is part of the SWEAT–SWEET Travelogue project; a research into freshwater and salt in our bodies and in the landscape in which research and fieldwork into ecological transformation due to climate change, salinization and soil subsidence are central.

How do we experience the landscape when we leave the pace of economic times behind us and reshape ourselves to the rhythm of ebb and flow? Can we live in harmony with the plants and organisms in the marine ecosystem again?

In addition, Teresa van Dongen will present several flavors consisting of rich CO2-containing dishes from crops, which represent the maximum level of CO2 absorption.

The expedition starts in the Tolhuistuin and takes us through the Amsterdam-North district, along the banks of the IJ as well to end at Sexyland World, which currently houses at a newborn location on dike of the IJ lake, right next to the Meeuwenlaan.