Digicult Agency develops projects for festivals, galleries, institutions and cultural centers in Europe and worldwide. Encompassing exhibitions, performances, screenings, public art works, and publications, courses, lectures, seminars, round tables and workshops, Digicult Agency productions and programs are presented in collaboration with renowned Italian and international partners.

Working side by side with its partners, Digicult produces exhibitions and performances, special events, workshops and film-screenings, incorporating into every project the professional training, theoretical knowledge and work experience of all members of our network. Thanks to these partnerships, Digicult is able to develop curatorial projects in formats that are frequently replicated in many festivals and exhibitions.

Those professionals representing the Digicult network of curators, theorists, practitioners and critics often contribute to seminars, conferences, meetings and round tables, thanks to their hybrid and interdisciplinary training, their studies and their professional experiences in different cultural fields of contemporary media art.

Digicult offers theoretical and practical courses which have been delivered for several years at universities, academies and schools of art / design. This educational activity is able to provide a broad and comprehensive critical overview of the field of contemporary digital art production.

Productions are developed through close, often long-lasting relationships with some of the most significant artists, theorists, curators, critics and researchers, and are supported by a wide range of technical scientific and artistic collaborations. Digicult aims to make an important contribution to the development of new ways of production, presenting, experiencing media art.

Digicult is currently engaged in the publication of special editorial projects, catalogues, books and publications in collaboration with other national and international publishers. Digicult is able to work on different type of editorial projects, from paper to digital, giving skills and services of Digital Publishing for Epub, Mobi and Print on Demand.