Recently, people are talking about custom skins for various gadgets such as mobile phones and even gaming setups. You know what phone cases are, so what is custom skin?

While it’s understandable that you’re excited to choose from existing designs or create your own custom skin, you need to understand how they work or what they are, especially considering how these skins will be what greets you every time you use your device.

With that said, read on for some information on what a custom skin is as we answer several questions regarding this subject.

What Is A Custom Skin?

When searching up the term ‘custom skin’ on the Internet, most of them will refer to skins from video games, but that’s not what this article is about. This pertains to custom device skins that you can find on the market for mobile phones, laptops, gaming sets, headphones, and more.

Most custom skins are made of adhesive vinyl due to their flexible and thin characteristics, and for that reason, people tend to mistake cases with custom skins.

What Is the Difference Between Cases and Skins?

Due to the lack of information on custom skins, people tend to think that cases are interchangeable with skin, but that’s not the case. There are several differences between the two, such as:

  • Scope: First of all, a case is typically just for a phone or perhaps a tablet, while you can apply custom skins on other gadgets and even other objects such as vapes, hoverboards, and tumblers. Simply put, skins have a much broader scope than cases.
  • Purpose: If a case focuses on protection, a skin focuses on aesthetics. Other cases also provide extra functionality, such as built-in holders and wallets.

Although the two have their differences, it’s possible to attach a skin on your phone and protect it with a case, so there shouldn’t be an issue in getting both. On that note, you might want to know how you can get custom skins.

How Can You Get A Custom Skin?

One can get custom skin in several ways. You can either choose to do it yourself (DIY), or you can simply order a custom skin from the Internet.

If you opt for the easier option of ordering skin, you can enjoy various custom skin options, such as different kinds of finishes like a matte finish, glossy finish, etc. However, if you choose to create a custom skin by yourself, you need the following:

  • Color inkjet printer
  • Computer
  • Vinyl laminate (clear)
  • Printable adhesive vinyl
  • Design software
  • Cutting blades
  • Cutting mats

As you can see, although it’ll save you money, there are a lot of things to worry about when creating a custom skin by yourself. Besides, you can only benefit from DIY custom skins if you plan on making a lot of them in the future. Otherwise, you’ll only be wasting the ink, laminate, and vinyl. So, why should you get custom skins in the first place?

Why Should You Get Custom Skins?

Believe it or not, a thin piece of vinyl can go a long way in providing you a better experience. To be precise, there are three main benefits of applying a custom skin to your device, or to any of your belonging for that matter:

  1. Personalization: The main benefit of applying custom skins to your devices is that it defines your taste and sets you apart from everyone else. It may also serve as a good ice-breaker and conversion starter if you’re the type that likes socialization.
  2. Durability: Mobile devices with vinyl skins applied on them tend to last longer than your typical phone, and it should be the same for other objects with custom skins.
  3. Protection: On top of prolonging the lifespan of your device, it also serves as an extra layer of protection against various contaminants as it prevents dust from entering your device, which can be extremely helpful, especially for electronics.

At this point, it should be pretty apparent that custom skins offer much more than what you initially expected. But you may still have some questions regarding their usage.

How Should You Use Custom Skins?

So, you now have a custom skin on your device, and it’s looking good. Naturally, you’d want it to last for a long time before you replace it with a new one. In that case, the following tips might help:

  • Keep it away from chemical compounds as it may wear off the vinyl
  • Use hand sanitizers like isopropyl alcohol when there’s a stain on the custom skin
  • Avoid scratching the skin as vinyl is susceptible to scratches

If you manage to follow these tips, your custom skins can last for several months before showing signs of wear.


Custom skins might be an unfamiliar term for most, but it’s not as complex as people make it out to be. It’s pretty similar to phone cases, except it focuses on aesthetics rather than protection. Either way, both of them provide various benefits, and since you can get them by creating them yourself or by ordering them, you can enjoy countless options.