If you’ve finally succumbed to the challenge that is minecraft and mean to try your skills in survivor mode, making it through the first 24 hours alive will be a very good start. Without a little guidance, you’ll probably die and have to start over, so use these tips to get through that first day. After that, you’re likely to become yet another staunch supporter of the game, ready to entice other players to your server with the help of a minecraft banner maker and a world of wonders of your own creation. But first, you have to live to see another day.

Bare Hands and Brute Force: Your Crafting Table Comes First

After you first spawn, you’ll have a lot to do, but the first thing is to mark your spawning point or note its coordinates. With that done, you need wood for your crafting table, and with no tools to help you, you’ll have to chop it down with your bare hands. Use the wood blocks in your crafting grid and transform them into planks – you’ll need 20 blocks to get started.

Your first four planks will be placed on the ground to make a crafting table. Use it to turn some of your planks into sticks which you’ll use to make your first tools.

Craft Your Most Basic Tools

Wooden tools are not very good, but this is where you must begin. You’ll need a pick, an axe, a shovel and a sword. Now, it’s time to head for the nearest hill where you can use your pick to collect 20 cobblestone blocks. Once you have them, it’s back to your crafting table to make stone tools. The stone axe will make chopping trees down a lot easier. Replant as you go. You’ll be glad of it later on. But, before night falls, you need to see to food and shelter. It’s time to use your stone sword!

Food, Shelter, Defend Yourself!

Use your stone sword to kill some animals, at least three of them should be sheep. Shearing them is better, but you don’t have the tools for that yet, and you do also need meat. The sheep will give you wool which you can craft into a bed so that you don’t have to spend your first night “awake” and in hiding. Make a furnace that will help you to smelt materials into more useful ones and make a fire with your wooden tools so that you can cook the meat you’ve hunted. Don’t eat it right away. Let your food bar start going down first.

With that taken care of, head back to the hill where you mined stones and dig deeper to find coal which you’ll use to smelt resources. The hole will become your first shelter guarded by a wooden door fitted to the outside. Don’t forget to close it! You’ll also need light to prevent mobs from appearing in your shelter. Craft torches to help keep them away.

You Survived! What Comes Next?

Having survived your first night, it’ll be back to hunting, gathering, collecting, and crafting while avoiding hostile creatures you aren’t ready to fight just yet. Your tools will wear out, so use your crafting table to repair them: two used tools will combine to make a newer one. Mine and craft. After all, that’s the name of the game! Today should be the day you’ll build a rather more presentable and defensible house out of cobblestones, so get cracking! It’s your first step towards building your own mansion or city!