Het Huis, Studio 2 and online
04 / 11 / 2022

In this collaborative session, IMPAKT will discuss the latest steps ithas made toward developing successful hybrid formats and focus on the knowledge of different artists and organizers who work on and with hybrid formats.

The participants in this session will build a glossary for hybrid events, including (but not limited to) format suggestions, interesting readings, different software to use, etc. During the discussion about the glossary, the artists will give their input based on the projects they are working on and share their experiences. For this discussion, we will not only focus on the technical but also on the sociological and psychological aspects of hybridity.

Moderated by Arjon Dunnewind and Marijke Hessels

Participants: Patricia Villanueva (Laboral Centro de Arte, Gijon), Heracles Papatheodorou (Onassis Stegi, Athens), Sandra Sterle (Kontejner, Zagreb), Sander VeenhofAngelique Spaninks and Bubusi Nyoni (METAVERSES CHA-CHA-CHA dance party) and artists Roos Groothuizen and Benjamin Pompe.

Hybrid Formats is organised by IMPAKT as part of the Capacity Building Workshop series of the European Media Art Platform (EMAP), co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe Programme. The session is also part of the project ‘The New Social’, a collaboration between IMPAKT [Center for Media Culture], Framer Framed and Hackers & Designers and with the support of the Innovation Labs programme of the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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