Some people think that you need to be innately talented in arts to try out activities like painting or sketching. While it’s true that you could benefit from skill and talent, you don’t necessarily need it to enjoy or make something beautiful.

These days, you could easily learn the process with the help of the internet or kits that are meant to help you with every step. Cross stitching is a great example of this because you simply have to know the basic stitches and follow the pattern given to you. But not everyone is keen to try cross-stitching. There are newer and easier mediums you could try out like doing a diamond painting.

If this is completely new to you, you’ll be surprised by how fun and simple the process is. Read on to learn more about diamond art.

What Is Diamond Art?

Diamond art is similar to painting by numbers because you could easily create a masterpiece by following a certain pattern. The closest thing it might be related to is mosaics because it involves sticking plenty of small colored gems onto the canvas to make a picture. Patterns are right on the canvas to make it more straightforward for the user.

This activity has become quite popular among kids and adults because there’s a myriad of canvases to choose from. From easier patterns to more detailed and challenging ones, there’s something for every age group and skill level.

How Is It Similar To Paint By Numbers?

If you’ve ever tried painting by numbers, you’ll know that you have to use certain colors according to the letter or number printed on the pattern. At first, the pattern on the canvas looks undiscernible, but as you complete it one color at a time, you’ll start to uncover the picture.

The same concept is applied for diamond art because each small square on the pattern will have a symbol, pattern, or number. Each one will have a designated color that you’ll have to paste on the square. As you keep filling up each square with the correct colored gem, you’ll start seeing the picture come to life.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

For anyone new to diamond painting, it’s best to start with a diamond art kit. These kits are affordable, but they also vary in price depending on how big or how detailed the canvas is. But considering how you’ll get several materials inside, it’s a decent deal.

Here’s what you’d usually find in a diamond art kit:

  • Canvas with the printed design
  • Plastic tray to store the diamonds
  • Resin diamonds in different colors
  • Glue or wax
  • Diamond painting pen (to be filled with glue or wax)
  • Spare diamonds

What’s The Difference Between 3D And 5D Diamonds?

Some resin diamonds might be labeled 3D or 5D, which can be confusing. But it’s quite simple because it’s all about how many sides the gem has. There are fewer sides on 3D diamonds while 5D ones have more sides. If you want a more shimmery finish, it’s better to go for the latter.

Are There Any Tips For Diamond Art Beginners? 

Starting on any activity is exciting but also intimidating. You might be wondering if it’s something you could stick to or if you’ll be any good at it. But the great thing about diamond painting is you could do it at your pace. For some extra guidance, here are some things you could try out:

  • Be patient with it
  • Do the activity in a well-lit space
  • Start with an easy design
  • Pick a design you’re interested in
  • Keep the diamonds organized
  • Don’t rush
  • Get it framed afterward
  • Enjoy the process

Finishing the diamond painting is incredibly satisfying, but the bulk of it is the experience. Painstakingly sticking the diamonds onto the canvas takes a lot of patience. However, it’s far from frustrating. It’s very meditative and effective in relieving stress.

Finishing Touches

Diamond art has been popular for a while now. You get the same effect you get from cross-stitch patterns, but it’s shinier. You also won’t have to deal with threading a needle, getting the thread tangled, or getting pricked by a needle.

Children and adults could get into this activity, and it’s also a skill you could improve on. After finishing your first canvas, you could venture out to do more challenging designs. It’s a perfect activity to relax and also create something you could display in your home. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you start this hobby.