Some people travel as a hobby since they love touring the world and enjoying new experiences. As change is often considered a way of resting, traveling makes you relaxed as you tour new places, enjoy beautiful sceneries, and generally taking a break from your regular schedule.

But traveling is more than that. People also use traveling as a form of social activism. When you travel, you’re exposed to the outside world and what happens beyond your normal setting. Then, you take photos, post them online, and get wider attention, which may lead to activism. You can check on people like Ryan Gibbs on Pinterest and many others on different platforms who use traveling as a form of social activism.

How To Travel For Social Activism

If you want to travel and use it to impact lives and make the world a better place, you can start now. It isn’t a complex thing as long as you have the determination and the proper guide.

Here’s a quick guide on how to transform your travels into a form of social activism:

  • Be The Voice Of The Marginalized

Traveling means you’ll interact with individuals and groups of people from all over the world. Part of the groups of people you’ll meet will be marginalized and in dire need of help. These groups could include refugees, victims of war and other pandemics, or victims of harmful cultural practices. These groups are often cut off from the rest of the world, and very few of them get the chance to express themselves or even get heard.

In such cases, you can let the world know about them and what they’re going through. Take pictures, record videos of them, and then post them online or to platforms where they’ll be heard and helped. By bringing their situation to the spotlight, more and more people will jump in and help them have a better life.

  • Be An Environmental Champion

One of the reasons people travel is because of the beautiful sceneries and the sites that nature provides. However, it’s impossible to have such places if the environment is destroyed. Environmental pollution has adverse effects, especially since it’s one of the major causes of global warming and the destruction of wildlife.

However, you can use traveling as a way to bring change and awareness towards the environment. You can travel to different places, educate people about the importance of plants, take part in clean-up exercises, and participate in tree planting activities. Doing so will serve as an inspiration for many people to help conserve the environment.

  • Provide Economic Opportunities

When you travel to a particular place, you can use that chance to create economic opportunities for the locals. First, you can always pay for a tour guide to take you around the most attractive places in the country. Secondly, you can buy food, paintings, and other locally made items from various vendors.

By giving them the opportunity to make extra money in their business, you’ll empower and improve their livelihood. If you’re a collector, you’ll also get a chance to keep some pieces. Hence, you both help each other, which is an excellent form of social activism.

  • Participate In Charity Events

Globally, there are several charity events happening each year, which you can travel and participate in. Events such as fundraisers, marathons, and auctions to raise funds for charity organizations are a great form of social activism. If you have the ability and opportunity, you can always travel and participate in charity events.

You’ll travel to different places and enjoy new experiences while still participating in something noble. For example, a run can be organized to help promote awareness about cancer, and if you’re you’ve traveled to that location, you can participate in it. The money raised can also be used in research and equipping hospitals.

  • Start Or Fund Organizations

When you travel to different places, you can start a foundation that can help the people around that place. This organization can provide shelter, food, clothing, and medicine to the locals. You can also help start businesses so that the people can be more self-sufficient.

In cases where there’s already an organization helping the locals, you can help in funding it. You can also create awareness so more people can channel funds to support it. As little as it may be, your contribution will go a long way in uplifting the organization and the locals.


Traveling can be a great eye-opener to what’s happening globally, which you wouldn’t have noticed had you stayed at home. Therefore, when you travel, you get a chance to experience these developments and work on them.

You can impact, empower, and touch lives through traveling. Go to those places, listen to the marginalized groups, start or fund an organization, and participate in anything that’ll bring positive changes; a positive world is a beautiful world.