Have you recently thought of revamping your outdoor area?  Are you envisioning an outdoor oasis where you can let your mind drift off due to how calm and well-balanced the environment is?  You can put that vision to reality. This article will help guide you through some unique and exciting outdoor design ideas that’d surely add splendor and identity to your exteriors.

Having a tiny courtyard or garden shouldn’t limit you to play with various outdoor styles and designs. You can easily transform your outdoor space into a more inviting and relaxing environment, which would be great for entertaining guests, family, and friends. Simply adding some structures and accessories should do the trick. 

From tapestries to adding outdoor murals for homes, learn more below on what enthralling outdoor designs you can employ to give your home that wow factor.

  • Incorporate Tapestries

If you’re the type of person who hates plain and empty walls, then you probably need to get rid of them even on your outdoors. If you have wide walls that shout plain and boring, you should definitely elevate them and use your creative juices. 

One interesting method is to incorporate tapestries. These artful and creative pieces add enough color, texture, and pattern to a dull space. They’re made of fabric, but are available in various cloth types and materials. You can hang them over your outdoor sofa or on the side walling of your deck. Wherever you hang them, they’ll be able to deliver enough artsy feels to your outdoors.

  • Hang Murals

Many teenagers and millennials take photos of themselves in front of street art and graffiti painted on walls of public spaces. This is understandable, considering how colorful and eye-catching these art pieces are. Schools are some of the most common places where these artworks can be of significant design additions. Splashes of colors and painted works are displaced on school walls and premises. If you want the same mood and vibe incorporated into your outdoor setting, hanging custom school murals done by professional graffiti artists should do the trick. 

This is even a better way of getting rid of rusted or dirty walls. Instead of painting them repeatedly, murals should work to cover the ugly colors of old and worn-down walls. These murals will surely earn compliments from people, and may encourage them to take photos in front of them. 

  • Make Use Of Potted Trees

Are you a huge fan of indoor zen spas?  You can get inspired by their calming atmosphere and apply the same design for your outdoors. Most of the time, you can see potted trees situated indoors either to give a naturistic vibe or make indoor air seem fresher and more vibrant. Whatever plants or trees you prefer, you can go for the potted ones and place them in the dull corners of your patio or deck. 

  • Hang String Lights

Good lighting is one of the many digital and technology solutions for your home, and it’s always an effective way of revitalizing your gloomy atmosphere. With string lights, you can turn your dull gazebo or patio into a more cozy and welcoming area. People would love to hang out there more while enjoying an outdoor dinner or a candlelight one. 

  • Add Native Plants To Your Landscape

Recreate the concept of your garden by adding native plants into your landscape and plant collections. Discover native species of plants that should give your outdoors the wild vibe. These native plants should be easier to maintain as they typically don’t need much care, watering, fertilizers, and pretty much any attention at all. However, they do contribute beauty to your outdoors. 

  • Plant Roses In Your Garden Exaggeratedly

For a unique outdoor design idea, you can exaggerate planting just one kind of flower and bypass the rest. You can plant as many roses as you can and fill up all the soils and flower pots in your garden. Aside from making your outdoors look unconventionally romantic, this will also save you time for garden care. Since you’re growing just one uniformed flower species, they should be easier to maintain and care for. 

  • Add A Modern Fountain

Nothing shouts elegance more than a water fountain. Classic mansions and palaces always have fountains outdoors, and you can imitate the same luxurious vibe with modern fountains instead. There are ready-made fountains that won’t break the bank, and they’ll be worth every penny when you get to see how beautiful the outcome will be. 

  • Add Lanterns To Your Trees

Having trees in your outdoors never fails. But, to make these trees gather more attention, especially after the sun has set, hang some lanterns from their branches. Dressing them up will make your backyard look cozy and magical. 


That sums up some of the most unique and unconventional outdoor design ideas that will surely attract attention. While they seem to be easy to install and implement, you’ll be amazed how little effort can actually result in considerable improvements to your outdoors.