Like most social media platforms, Instagram has its own set of tools and features you can use to your advantage. People use Instagram everyday, even celebrities, for different purposes. People post their pictures and connect to other people. Businesses use it as a tool to build their brand and get more customers.

Therefore, if you want that for your business, you need to get creative in every post to get more leads. But more importantly, you need to stay relevant and keep up with the current demands of the public. Here are a few tips for building your Instagram presence:

  • Turn Your Personal Profile Into A Business Account 

You want to separate your personal account from a business account. Keep your personal information private. It’s not for public consumption. You may need to create a separate Instagram account if you haven’t already. And then switch it into a business account. To do so, go to settings, click account, switch to professional account, and tap business. There are tools features that are only available in a business account.  

  • Insights – These are the analytic reports or statistics you need to know about your post’s performance: the reach, interaction from the viewers, number of followers, and their demographics. 
  • Contact Button – People interested in knowing more about your business can find the contact button on your profile. You can add your email address, business phone number, and store address if you have one. 
  • Quick Reply – When people contact you, and you’re away, they can get a little information through an automated response. You can edit this automated response. But you also need to make sure to set a specific period to reply to customers. You can also have a designated team do this part for you. 
  • Shopping – This allows you to mimic e-commerce websites. Your audience can go through your listings. 
  • Sharing Link – When you create Instagram stories, you can add a link to your post. 
  • Auto Publish Content – You can create posts for the week or month ahead of time and schedule when you want them posted on your profile. This is convenient and gives you time to do other things.
  • Boost Posts – It allows you to promote your post and get more engagement. You can also look into Instagram growth service and see how you can boost your post. 
  • Create Promotional Ads To Get Leads 

You’ve probably have seen this trick on small and big-name brands. This is a form of free advertising. You can share highlights of your brand and give a few details about your product or service. For example, consumers have to buy a specific product from your business and look for a unique code in the packaging to win a prize. You can also do contests where they share your post and tag your business. Or they need to create their public post and tag your brand.  

You can customize the mechanics and the terms and conditions according to your preference and end goal. This is a form of free advertising. People will share the post, tag their peers in the comments section, and encourage them to do the same. Aside from getting free advertisement, it will allow you to get more followers or leads. 

Here are some things you need to keep in mind to make sure that your promotional posts are engaging.

  • Content – Think about how your post looks. Look into the latest graphic design trends for inspiration. 
  • Relevance – It’s good to make posts that people can relate to and are relevant to your business niche. 
  • Quality – You need to make sure most if not all of your posts are good quality. 

Therefore, you need to create great content to get people to talk about the post. It’s like leaving a good first impression on those who don’t know much about your brand.  

  • Get More People From Instagram Stories 

This is still related to the promotional ads. You can also have your followers tag your business on their Instagram stories. Whoever sees it will be directed to your profile to see what other products or services they can get from your company. You have the option to contact influencers or celebrities to try out your brand. However, you don’t need to; when consumers like the product or service, they will talk about it to their family, relatives, and friends. Word of mouth is still one of the most effective forms of advertising. 

You may ask your consumers for their honest reviews to know which areas you need to improve. This means you acknowledge and listen to your customer’s feedback or suggestion. You’re open to constructive criticisms. It’s one thing most consumers like about businesses. 

  • Avoid Using Too Many Hashtags 

This is a common but understandable mistake; almost everyone does this too. The idea of having many hashtags thinking more people will see the posts. But that’s not the case – the post might look wordy or spammy.

Instead, you can use hashtags that are relevant to your post. Some would even create witty catchphrases as a hashtag. It can be an advantage as it will make people think about where they saw the phrase and look for it.  

  • Hire The Right People 

You can’t do everything yourself; you need to hire people who are good at their field. You get content creators, editors, social media managers, and marketing and advertising teams. You’d be happy to see your ideas turned into reality. They will help you get the message across to Instagram users. Furthermore, having a team is a good investment because eventually, your business will grow. Working with a team can help you accomplish your end goal faster. 


To achieve your target and end goal, you need to maximize and master the features of Instagram. Bank on what you have and focus on improvements to get more leads. You need to stay on top of your business to succeed.