Digicult has a liquid structure, we do not exist in a physical space, we exist only online. We are ethereal, we are a network, our work constantly crosses the boundaries of art, design, culture, society, communication and scientific research. We are a mutant and unclassified new professional category, spontaneously working across shared and fluid methodological, aesthetic, cultural and technological paradigms.


Marco Mancuso
Founder & Director

Marco Mancuso is an art critic, curator, teacher and publisher. He focuses his research on the impact of technologies and science on art, design and contemporary culture. Founder and director from 2005 at Digicult, Digimag Journal and Digicult Editions publishing house, he lectures and joins conferences, round tables, and partnered with many important institutions in the field. He collaborates with the art space Adiacenze in Bologna.

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Federica Fontana
Managing Editor

Federica Fontana is a freelance writer and journalist. After a master degree in Medieval Art with a thesis about contemporary artworks placed in medieval context, now her research deals mainly with New Media Art, Performance art, Bio art, science and all contemporary art reflecting on the role of the human body in the future. She has a blog that is about posthuman in art, fashion and technology.

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Silvia Bertolotti
Books & Journal Editor

Silvia Bertolotti is freelance writer. With a MA in Philosophy and a Master in Arts and Cultural Management, she is currently a PhD Candidate in Media and Communications Studies. Areas of special interest to Silvia are web culture and digital arts, new media studies & cybersecurity.

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Anna Gorchakovskaya
Marketing Manager

Anna Gorchakovskaya is an art historian, independent researcher and freelance translator. After completing a Master’s degree in contemporary art at the University of Bologna and working with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, she began collaborating with the contemporary art space Adiacenze in Bologna. She is involved in various contemporary art projects as cultural mediator, curator and marketing manager.

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Teresa Ruffino
Web & Photo Editor

Teresa Ruffino is a student and independent researcher. After a Bachelor’s degree at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in “Comunicazione e Didattica dell’Arte” , she is now enrolled in a Master’s Degree course in “Storia dell’Arte e Valorizzazione del Patrimonio Artistico” at Università di Genova. Her interests revolve around the outcomes of the connections between contemporary art, social networks and digital media with a focus on visual perception.

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