Standards - Milan
14 - 15 / 04 / 2018

In the frame of MiArt Night 2018, Standards presents a long night of sounds and moving images, curated by Gaia Martino and Roberta Pagani.

If history is defined by its cultural representation, performativity is precisely a contestation of the excessive power granted to language to determine reality. Films and live performances are arbitrarily selected and juxtaposed to discuss the modalities occurring with approaching of sounds and moving images within an art space. The usual length of events at Standards is widen and relaxed, in order to keep attention to connections and exertions, rather than avoid them. This is not an attempt to align distinct media on the same ground, but it aims at putting into practice an active exercise of communication, while who participates is asked to shift on different levels looking for a cross-connection which, far to be objective, only in shifting can be found.

This is the occasion to open a collaboration with Archive: starting from now, a space for Archive Books editions will have life at Standards and a curatorial dialogue between Milano and Berlin will enrich our program. www.archivebooks.or

For the long listening, we are glad to collaborate again with Care Of Editions, presenting the live performances by Sugai Ken and Andrew

Furthermore, in this night we welcome for the first time the Canada based label GRAPHICAL RECORDINGS, presenting the collection of films “Variations – 12 artists interpret Michael Snow’s Poem (1957).

A special thanks to Paolo Caffoni, Gary Schultz, Mark Templeton, Livio Colombo, Careof DOCVA, Anna Grassi and GR10k, Adrián de Alfonso, Marco Abete, Marta Ferretti, Giulia Rosa, Niccolò Tramontana.

REALIZED WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE PRIZE ON BOARD 2017 promoted by MiBACT Ministry of Cultural Heritage, General Directorate for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Suburbs and by GAI – Giovani Artisti Italiani – sssociation for the Circuit of the Young Italian Artists.

Cover image: Primate Colors, Elke Marhöfer con Mikhail Lylov, still-frame, 2015, courtesy of the artist