A minimal audio-visual artist and a keen listener of ro-minimal music Heroarky has released sound art EP Mikrocosmos.

As the world continues to fight against the spread of COVID-19, millions of people are expected to self-isolate at home in coming months. Many countries have been forced to implement sweeping policy changes to control public behaviour in order to contain the virus. Responding to this unprecedented event, the artist said:

«Our consciousness and perception of the world may have been changed forever and we are slowly waking up to see what the next decade might look like. It is indeed a scary time to live but at the same time I feel that we are given a trial to change our own behaviour to save this plant. So far our goal is our own survival – to stop this microscopic particle growing and infecting millions. Amid fear and panic spreading, we are also discovering how fast we can actually respond to a global threat if we are willing to do so. As gloomy as it may sound, I see the virus as a catalyst for humanity to make positive changes not just for our own survival but also for the whole ecosystem. Whatever happened cannot be reversed and there is no need to panic and be fearful of what the future holds. For now, we just need to keep supporting each other as artists, producers and be part of global community to get through this together».

Over a minute, the opening track video Mikrocosmos unfolds this awakening consciousness which is also spreading around the globe.

Single Cell video:

To keep yourself protected, grab a free copy of “Sanitizer” today and listen to the whole EP below:

Link: https://xlr8r.com/mp3/heroarky-voce/