The municipality of Fermo presents the FermHAmente Science Festival

The "Science and Image" edition of the FermHAmente Science Festival represents the opportunity to enjoy cultural heritage in an unusual way, with a view to mutual enhancement of scientific excellence and historical-artistic heritage. Organized by Labilia, it has scientific direction Andrea Capozucca. International partner of the festival and among the world leaders of the STEAM movement is Experice Workshop, founded by Kristóf Fenyvesi. Interview of Giada Totaro... READ MORE...

“The Redaction Trilogy”: Kennedy Browne in Dublin

Hugh Lane Gallery presents "The Redaction Trilogy", the first solo museum exhibition in Ireland by the collaborative practice of Kennedy Browne (Gareth Kennedy and Sarah Browne). Their collaborative work poses timely and urgent questions around interactions between technology, ideology and politics in this context.... READ MORE...

Phantom Plane, Cyberpunk in the Year of the Future

Inspired by 2019 - the year that many iconic cyberpunk futures were set or scheduled to arrive (see Bladerunner, Akira, Running Man, The Island, and more…) - the exhibition "Phantom Plane, Cyberpunk in the Year of the Future" considers the hold that cyberpunk retains on our collective imagination.... READ MORE...

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