“Seen”: there’s really “nothing to see”?

Quoting Fred Richtin we could say that “we’ve entered the surveillance era, and surveillance era came into us”. The exhibition Seen, shown until the 1st of July at Wei- Ling Contemporary gallery of Kuala Lumpur focuses on this issue, identifying contemporary surveillance as an undetectable grey zone, trying to elaborate strategies of resistance.... READ MORE...

Reimmaginare il nostro universo dopo Einstein: la mostra Gravity al MAXXI di Roma

Fino al 29 aprile al MAXXI di Roma è in corso Gravity, una mostra curata da Luigia Lonardelli, Vincenzo Napolano e Andrea Zanini e dedicata alla teoria della relatività generale di Albert Einstein, che esplora la fisica moderna e il rapporto di interdipendenza tra arte e scienza che è alla base della ricerca contemporanea, al limite tra passato e presente, materiale e immateriale.... READ MORE...

On Tino Sehgal: May a new ground flourish again?

Curated by Luca Cerizza, a new performance by Tino Sehgal is ongoing at the OGR in Turin, returning to Italy ten years after his last solo show. Dalia Maini recounts a work that stages a complex choreography of fifty performers, a tangle of apparently human bodies and stories focusing on immateriality and physicality, and on communication as a visceral need.... READ MORE...

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