Carsten Nicolai’s “Parallax Symmetry”

With roughly 40 multimedia works, the exhibition "Parallax Symmetry" an overview of the oeuvre of the artist and musician Carsten Nicolai. Using electronic sound and light, Nicolai creates minimalist installations, sound performances, and visualizations of physical phenomena that reflect systems and structures of the media world.... READ MORE...

Uncanny Values: a map of uncanny places, and how to get through them

Uncanny Values: Artificial Intelligence & You is an exhibition presented by the Mak of Vienna as part of the Vienna Biennale for Change of this year, called Brave New Virtues. Shaping our digital world. Artists, designers and architects have tried to develop new ways of seeing, with which to imagine and model our future actively and positively.... READ MORE...

Speculative Landscapes

This fall, The Art Gallery of New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) invites viewers into the imagined worlds of four UAE-based artists. "Speculative Landscapes" is a series of new installations through which each artist explores the very concept of environment (natural, artificial, virtual).... READ MORE...

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