Hybrid Design

Biological Strategies At The Service Of Design

With the definition of 'hybrid design', a project planning approach is intended so that it may borrow the complexities embedded in the logic, in the codes and the principles of the biological world and insert these into the culture of the project itself. In hybrid design the complex qualities drawn from the biological world are transferred to the design of products and innovative services as if it were a sort of 'new genetic code'... READ MORE...

Synthetic Biology Debate

Synthetic biology will be one of the driving technological forces of this century. By transforming the complexity and diversity of life into a technology malleable by man, it simultaneously offers some of science's highest hopes and gravest threats.... READ MORE...

Bioneers: Astuzia, Inganno E Sostenibilita’

Dal 17 al 19 ottobre, a San Rafael (California) si  tenuta la 19° edizione della conferenza Bioneers; stiamo parlando di un forum di scenario che sostiene le speranze di un 'futuro sostenibile, equo e bello' come la California e pochi altri stati riescono ancora a portare avanti a livello di discorso pubblico.... READ MORE...

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