“Human Learning”. It’s time to think about the “mechanical”

Human Learning. What Machines Teach Us is an exhibition that documents the world using the technologies that shape it. The works in the exhibition feature a large variety of styles: interactive devices that make us learn their playabilities, generative installations whose processes are entirely autonomous and digital creations made out of digital forms.... READ MORE...


From July 4th to 7th NONE collective organizes the second edition of Simposio, that will take place among the mountains at the ENI Village of Borca di Cadore (BL). The aim is to create a real community by stimulating perception, critical faculty and deep thought to try to create new models for understanding the contemporary world and to formulate new worlds.... READ MORE...

AI: More than Human

The Barbican major new exhibition: "AI: More than Human" is an unprecedented survey of creative and scientific developments in artificial intelligence, exploring the evolution of the relationship between humans and technology.... READ MORE...

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