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“Human Learning”. It’s time to think about the “mechanical”

Human Learning. What Machines Teach Us is an exhibition that documents the world using the technologies that shape it. The works in the exhibition feature a large variety of styles: interactive devices that make us learn their playabilities, generative installations whose processes are entirely autonomous and digital creations made out of digital forms.... READ MORE...

MAPS 2020: a conference and an exhibition on preservation of media art

The Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art celebrates its "Media Art Preservation" project this year with a two-day MAPS 2020 conference and a related exhibition, continuing the work started in 2015 to discuss the issues of conservation and preservation of media art, that has involved international conservators, art historians and experts.... READ MORE...

“Dark Matter”: the use of black

The exhibition "Dark Matter" brings together individual works from a variety of contemporary artists, ranging from photography, collage, and painting to sculpture, all of which make use of the color black and its diverse contexts of meaning to convey many-faceted connotations.... READ MORE...

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