23-27 FEBRUARY 2009

GeoTales proposes a 5 days unique and creative experimentation workshop with mobile and location based technologies (GPS: Global PositioningSystem) under the direction of Esther Polak (NL) and her assistant Tijmen Schep (NL). While reflecting upon available tools and their influence on our world’s perception, we will hit the streets to dig up experiences of real-life locative media use.

From these experiments, participants will develop concepts for locative projects and make a start with hands on development of tools: based on existing open source GPS editing/tracking softwares or newly developed from scratch.

The first day of GeoTales will be dedicated to “best practices” in the field of locative media. Simon Pope (UK), Daniel Belasco Rogers from Plan B (UK/DE), Gwenola Wagon (FR) and Esther Polak (NL) are invited to present their projects.


About Esther Polak

Esther is a visual artist working with locative media. Using GPS technology to research on contemporary landscape, her projects have been showing internationally. She received a Golden Nica at Ars Electronica, Linz (2005) for her project MILK and was nominated for the Open Doors Grant Prix, Amsterdam (2002). She is also founder of the foundation Beelddiktee supporting art and culture projects that include research on mediation as an integral part of the concept. Teaching at the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, she is especially good at giving conceptual feedback, realistic project design and critical brainstorming with programmers

Practical Info

Dates: from 23 to 27 February 2009 (5 days)
Fee: 100¤ (50¤ for participants from previous NewBraveWorld workshops)
Maximum Participants: 15
Location: iMAL, Center for Digital Cultures and Technology, Brussels

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