VJ : Live Cinema Unraveled is now available for purchase!

It is a signed, limited edition book on VJing and VJ Culture. The launch party last Saturday in L.A. was a success, and the book is available for the general public online, via the book site. Payments can be made using PayPal (with or without an account).

This is one of the first book to offer a fresh perspective of vjing and vj culture. Probing into topics such as technological mobility, audience, anvironment and codes of the medium, it explains the various dimensions of this emerging practice. Part design, speculative theory, refernce and practical guide, this book links live cinema with its hystorical origins, and then describes the various offshot and branches that are occurring now in the twenty first century on a global scale

Artists like: Vello Virkhaus, Addictive Tv, Flight 404 and Futurismo Zugakousaku contributed to the book with many of their best images