29 JANUARY - 1/15/29 FEBRUARY 2008

VIRTUAL MOVES is a row of 4 international art exhibitions in SecondLife (SL) and at Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) in Copenhagen organized by TAGGING ART. The aim of the exhibitions is to explore and challenge SL as a platform for artistic practice, a public space, and a cultural community and to discuss critically how SL affects our notion of reality. The set off is a critical point of view and experimental focus.

8 artists are invited to create a visually moving art piece each in which they consider SL as a platform for art and artistic interaction. The works are created especially for this event by Mogens Jacobsen (DK), Sachiko Hayashi (JP/SE), Nis Rmer (DK), Maria Lavman Veto(SE), Annette Finnsdottir (DK/IS), Kristoffer Gansing and Linda Hilfling(SE/DK), Jan Northoff (DE) and Ida Grn (DK/UK).

VIRTUAL MOVES is the title chosen for Tagging Art’s new, experimental art project, which invites eight artists from Denmark and abroad to enter the virtual world known as Second Life. Here, they investigate the virtual universe and its uses as a platform for education, art, and culture. At the same time they will create works of art within Second Life, incorporating them into a range of exhibitions, and some of the works will also take on physical form in the u.l.k. exhibition rooms. “VIRTUAL MOVES” can be experienced through a so-called avatar in Second Life, allowing visitors to access the exhibition from their own home – or, of course, from the u.l.k.

18 January – 29 January
Mogens Jacobsen
Sachiko Hayashi
1 February – 12 February
Ida Grøn
Kristoffer Gansing
Linda Hilfling
15 February – 26 February
Nis Rømer
Jan Northoff
29 February – 11 March
Annette Finnsdottir
Maria Lavman Vetö

TAGGING ART is an Organization for Moving Images works with art related projects. This organization was funded in 2007. Our expertise is to point out and tag digital art. The TAGS are Anne Holmfred – fundaiser and art manager, Ida Grøn – experimental- and documentary film director, Annette Finnsdottir, new media artist, art director and curator and Iben Bentzen – curator and moderator.