06-06 SEPTEMBER 2007

1.000 Euro for 1 Minute

The radio station Controradio, the cultural association GRAV, the Luigi Pecci Center of Contemporary Art, in collaboration with the City of Prato and township of Prato, announce the 2007 selection of video works with a maximum length of one minute including the production credits. The selection is open to all original, synthetical, quick, totally free in form and language and without any form of censorship. The works entered for consideration will be selected by a jury of experts and professionals in the sector to define the participation list. All decisions are final.

Attention: For television broadcasts or DVD publication (but not necessarily to partecipate in this competition) the video works must contain original music. Videominuto will post on their web site a series of original musical soundtracks for participant use free of charge. Who wants to partecipate only in our competition “1.000 Euro for 1 Minute” is free to use also non original music.

ATTENTION: The deadline for video entry is the 5th of June 2007!

The screening of the selected works will take place at The Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Arts in Prato, Italy, on the 8th of September 2007. The video first prize winner will receive a money prize of EUR 1000,00 . The participating videos will receive exposure in the national press, television stations and other partner video festivals. The other awards will be defined at a later date.