17-18 JANUARY 2008


A two-day course centered on experimenting and iteratively fine-tuning urban designs with FabLab. Use materials such as frames and stencil sheets in combination with light and mirrors in order to create spatial constructs.

Workshop approach

The course starts off with several lectures and short presentations designed to act as a catalyst for the brainstorming and concept development process of its participants.

First Mirthe Blussé (graphic designer, maker of Amsterdam Guerilla Art magazine) discusses the use of typography on and off the street as well as its application in creative design concepts.

Also the renown Dutch graffiti artist and graphic designer ZEDZ will introduce his fresh insight on typography inspired by his particular background and know-how of the creative possibilities of graffiti.

The rest of the program is the hands-on experience portion of the program. It is directed at experimenting and iteratively fine-tuning designs. Here you will be assisted by the coach and the technical Fablab supervisor Bernardo Gaeiras and you will receive a short introduction to the Fablab machines.

What is a FabLab?

Pioneered by MIT’s Neil Gershenfeld, a FabLab (fabrication laboratory) is a small scale workshop with the tools to make almost anything. This includes technology-enabled products generally perceived as limited to mass production. It empowers people to create material objects in line with their own artistic aspirations.

What can you make with it?

“Almost anything!” if we are to believe Gershenfeld. The only real limitation is your own imagination! The FabLab equipment is designed to complement one another so that most aspects of a given project can be developed within one workspace.

For who is this course?

The workshop is for people who want hands-on experiment with urban typography , and that have some (graphical) design skills: graphic designers, taggers, fashion designers, exhibition designers.


(Graphic) designer and Guerilla Art magazine creator Mirthe Blussé, Graffiti artist and designer ZEDZ and FabLab expert Bernardo Gaeiras.