12-15 OCTOBER 2006

Trondheim Matchmaking is an arena for presentations of innovative ideas and artistic projects – a place where competence and resources within electronic arts and new technology are maintained and developed. This year the main theme of the festival is MASKIN (Machine), and it is coordinated with NoMuTe, Nordic Music Technology Conference.

The subject of the festival relates to the possibilities and limitations that lies within the new technologies that we to an extending degree surround ourselves with. And man’s relation to them. How is this expressed within the arts, as base for ideas, and as tool for production and presentation.

The festival opens October 12th at 17.30 at Dokkhuset, and during the weekend there will be both lectures, exhibition opening (at Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art) and concerts. The festival finishes of with the world premiere of Heart Chamber Orchestra a concert with the artist duo Terminalbeach and Trondheim Sinfonietta

44 lecturers; artists, musicians, researchers and composers; from 16 countries.

Exhibitors, performers and lecturers are amongst many others: Stelarc, Australia / Norman T. White, Canada / Jørn Hokland, Norway / David Gamez, UK / Ken Rinaldo, USA / Jørgen Larsson, Norway/ Sabrina Raaf, USA / Pierre Bastien, Netherland / Øyvind Brandtsegg, Norway / Peter Votava, Germany / Anna Notaro, UK / Paul Lansky, USA / Frank Ekeberg, Norway / Alex Mesker, Australia / Gyrid N. Kaldenstad, Norway/ Stefania Serafin, Denmark / Erich Berger, Finland / Stian Westerhus, Norway / Ingar Zach, Spain / Philippe Depalle, France

Complete program and extended background information could be found at
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