3 -4 DECEMBER 2005

Timecanvas festival 2005 “MUSIC–DRAWING, DRAWING MUSIC” focuses on the interaction between the drawing as a score/ the score as a drawing on the one hand and the performer on the other side. Two days long this interaction will be explored through installations, performances, concerts and films.

The first day of the festival will concentrate on open rehearsals, lectures by various participants, films and will conclude with a round table inviting participating artists in such a way that the audience can have an informal view behind the scenes and get in contact with the musicians. On the second day the installations, films, performances and concerts will be fully and officially presented.

The performance of parts from Cornelius Cardews monumental graphic score ‘Treatise’ by musicians with very divers backgrounds, will be a guidance through the whole festival. Will be participating among others: Agostino Di Scipio, Matias Guerra, Julia Logothetis, Peter Luining, fuzzyLogic, Blotter, Peter Swinnen,& Maarten Buyl, het Logos Ensemble, collectief reFLEXible and Champ d’Action.