23 OCTOBER 2005

With the launch of a new work, randomSeed Online, within the ‘theatre of restless automata’ exhibition at HTTP, you are now able to view the development of this computational system remotely, in real-time on the web.

RandomSeed Online uploads an image every hour from one of the systems installed in the gallery. Online visitors can view how the system develops from its (online) launch (which was on the 8th October) to the closing of the exhibition at 5pm on 23rd October 2005.

Emergence and Poetics in Restless Automata On the 8th October Boredomresearch gave  a talk at the gallery, discussing the relationship between emergence and poetics in respect to generative computational artwork. Using works from  ‘theatre of restless automata’ they explore the notion that inherent mystification in emergent and computational abstraction takes on a poetic form.

Here boredomresearch presents research and development material that led to these computational systems being created. boredomresearch unveil investigations into simple rules found in natural systems and how these can produce diverse and complex images free from their aesthetic control.

randomSeed Online was created by boredomresearch for HTTP with programming by Neil Jenkins. It was made possible by Aspex Gallery.