Tank.tv is now showing ‘The Young and Evil’, curated by Stuart Comer until the 21st of September 2008. The programme derives its title from The Young and Evil, a scandalous expos√© of subcultures in Greenwich Village written by Charles Henri Ford and Parker Tyler in 1932. It was banned in the United States and England and was published by the Obelisk Press in Paris in 1933.

The digital glow of the internet has largely replaced the dark space of the cinema as the site where furtive desires are first expressed and encountered on flickering screens. Consequently, the web continues to evolve into an uncanny hybrid of personal longing and collective interaction where configurations of watching and being watched take on radically new form. Reconsidering the historical contours and shifting relationships of sex and community in the digital age, a range of artists has been invited to select two works: one contemporary video shown to be shown online, and one historical film to be screened in the cinema.

Selectors include Andrea Geyer, William E Jones, Carlos Motta, Emily Roysdon, Akram Zaatari, Daria Martin, Karol Radziszewski and Bruce Yonemoto.

The second part of this exhibition will be screened at Tate Modern on the 20th September 2008 , 19.00.


Selected by Stuart Comer: William E. Jones, ‘Mansfield 1962’, 2006.

Selected by William E. Jones: Naotaka Hiro, ‘Piss Watch (One to Twelve)’, 2006.

Selected by Carlos Motta: Tara Mateik, ‘Operation Invert’, 2003.

Selected by Akram Zaatari: Ali Cherri, ‘You’, 2008.

Selected by Emily Roysdon: Wu Ingrid Tsang, ‘The Shape of a Right Statement I’, 2008.

Selected by Andrea Geyer: Emily Roysdon, ‘POW’, 2005.

Selected by Daria Martin. Siobhan O’Brien, ‘The Hot Zombie Project Presents: Physical Eduaction’ 2008.

Selected by Karol Radziszewski. Mark Raidpere, ‘Andrey/Andris’, 2006.

Selected by Bruce Yonemoto. David Burns, ‘ASSWAX’, 2004.

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