10 - 17 DECEMBER 2011

Curated by Luisa Conte
Opening: Friday, 10th December 2010, h 7 pm

On the 10th of December 2010, at 7 pm, at the Romanian Academy in Rome, Kunsthaus presents The state of the Art, a collective multimedia exhibition of selected artworks in different sectors such as video art, photography, installation, performance and painting. The exhibition, curated by Luisa Conte, is supported by the Romanian Academy in Rome and patronaged by the Department of Rome for Cultural Politics and Communication.

The expression “state of the art” comes from a technical language, used to establish the most advanced level reached by a technology or by a scientific field, that is what really determines innovation or evolution. The transposition of this concept in the art field is an attempt to show how some contemporary artists are working to research new ways of expression. It will be demanded to visitors’ individual experience to establish the effective grade of advancement.

The quality of manipulation possibilities of video and images are continuously increasing due to the advances achieved in digital technology, becoming integral part of contemporary production. One of the halls of the Accademy will be set as video zone, where videos of established and young artists will be shown. Concerning the photography section, 12 “Cold Landscapes” of Massimo Pastore, which will be displayed also in Berlin during the incoming year, and artworks of Cristiano Pettinelli will be exhibited.

Moreover, the investigation about “the state of the art” will consider traditional painting and other different art languages put together in several installations, where painting may be included. Main actors of this section will be: Andrea Liberni, with a project including painting and video; Carlo De Meo, well known artist for his skills to represent surreal perspectives and who will create a site specific artwork; Paola Romoli Venturi, who will read a paragraph of „La Sentenza – Das Urteil” exhibited in Munich (Germany); Carin Stoller, a german artist representing the traditional painting technique.

During the event, a light installation will interact with the façade of the Academy by means of computer generated graphic effects, aimed to inspire with the help of this technology different interpretations of the urban landscape. The performance will be held by Qiuet Ensemble, expert artists in the field. Afterwards, the same artists will entertain the auditorium with an audio video performance completed by a dj set until late night.

Other performances will be represented by different artists throughout the week. On 11th December the Basmati group will exhibit live in one of their involving experiments concerning artistic languages, after the exhibition of the actor Alex Pascoli. Moreover, on 17th December, a performance by the artist Sabina Bernardelli will close the event.



Rebecca Agnes, Basmati (Saul Saguatti, Audrey Colaniz), Sabina Bernardelli, Sarah Buckius, Carlo De Meo, Quiet Ensemble, Silvio Giordano, Marco Lamanna, Andrea Liberni, Enrico Luciani, Alfredo Maddaluno, Dario Madonna, Luca Matti, Matteo Mezzadri, Alessandro Morino, Gianmaria Nicotina, Andrea Pacanowsky, Alex Pascoli, Massimo Pastore, Tommaso Pedone, Diego Peruzzi, Cristiano Pettinelli, Paola Romoli Venturi, Michael Salisbury, Claudia Secchi, Candas Sisman, Carin Stoller, Paula Sunday, Ohashi Takashi, Devis Venturelli.

Official partner of the event: Kunsthaus, Stoller Editore. Media partner: Art a part of cult(ure), Roma C’è, Digicult.


Opening friday 10th December

7 pm – Vernissage and video set.

8.30 pm – Performance audio video by Quiet Ensemble. Bio-buffet.

Saturday 11th December

5 pm – Lectures about the exhibition’s leading theme, with the participation of: Prof. Vezio Ruggieri (Psychophysiologist, author of the book “Aesthetic experience. Psycophysiological institutes for an aesthetic education”), Luisa Conte (curator), Dr.Ing. Marco Stoller (expert of technology and researcher by “Sapienza University of Rome”) and other guests.

7.30 pm – The actor Alex Pascoli acts “Giotto da Bondone”, a monologue by Giorgio Gaber.

8 pm – Performance live audio video by Basmati.

Friday 17th December

7.30 pm – Performance and video set by Paola Romoli Venturi.

9 pm – Sufi dance performance and video set by Sabina Bernardelli. Finissage and dj set to follow.