04 - 06 FEBRUARY 2010


Art, communication guerrilla, radical entertainment presentations, screenings, workshops, actions A project by Bani Brusadin, Eva & Franco Mattes a.k.a.  0100101110101101.ORG

With the participation of:

The Yes Men
James Acord
Black Label Bike Club
Joan Leandre a.k.a. Retroyou
Critical Art Ensemble

The Influencers is a three day think-tank that tackles the potential of non conventional communication in contemporary society. We are interested in exploring the hybrid zones wherein autonomous experiments and mainstream culture blend and collapse into one another. Projects that stem out of a deeply rooted do-it-yourself attitude, even when they develop into complex, large scale projects.

Since 2004, The Influencers has been gathering a limited but carefully selected number of diverse projects. This 6th installment makes no exception: celebrity pranksters (with a cause), tactical media artists, computer games modders, hi-tech donkeys, extreme bicycling gangs, atomic sculptors, ads’ kidnappers, and media transformers will come together for three long evenings to present, discuss, and perform their work. Whether they are art works or life long projects, or just weird ideas one came up with, these practices are fed by a visionary taste for weirdness and desire for social change.

Unlike other festivals, The Influencers has no theme, but if you are looking for threads to string stories together, this time you will encounter at least a couple. First, examples of mind ecologies, life after dumb consumerism, DIY survival strategies for after the brands feast is over. Second, risky and dangerous narratives. Those risks  that you take on when you force physical, aesthetical, legal, and political boundaries of our society, and challenge collective imagination to desire the unthinkable. We want to show that taking risks is possible, never easy, frequently fun, and always very instructive.