04-07 OCTOBER 2007

THE GATE (or Hole in Space, Reloaded)
Yannick Antoine, Yves Bernard (BE)
With the collaboration of: Domenico Quaranta (IT), Sugar Seville (SL)
Opening Performance: Second Front

The Gate is an installation connecting real life and Second Life, a junction point, a door between two worlds and two representation spaces. Basically, it is a simple window between both worlds where real users and SL users see each other and can meet. A view of the SL Gate is permanently projected in the real life venue; when an avatar comes in front of The Gate, it is visible in the public space; when one arrives physically in front of the door in the public space, he/she can interact with the SL user currently in front.

The result will be a kind of happening where the virtuality of SL is transferred in the physicality of our public space and vice-versa; a stage for performance and interaction, something between a breakdance platform, an inter-dimensional portal and a peep show through parallel universes.

The Gate has been designed for the opening show of iMAL new space in Brussels. The show explores the fusion between the physical world and the net through networked sculptures and installations which question the physical space as well as the digital world.

Featured artists: Yannick Antoine (BE), Pascal Baltazar (FR), Justin Benett (UK), Yves Bernard (BE), Jonah Brucker-Cohen (USA), Mathieu Chamagne (FR), HC Gilje (NO), Linda Hifling (DK), Thomas Israël (BE), Sven König (DE), Walter Langelaar (NL), Sascha Pohflepp (DE), Antoine Schmitt (FR), SecondFront (Second Life), Walter Verdin (BE), Visual Kitchen & Eavesdropper (BE).

Perform from iMAL with people on Second Life

The Gate is installed on Odyssey, an island in Second Life dedicated to art and performance. In the opening hours of iMAL (October 5 – 6, 11 AM – 7PM [2AM – 10AM SLT]; October 7, 10AM – 8PM [1AM – 11 PM SLT]), people, avatars and performance artists are kindly invited to come, perform and interact at The Gate, both in real life and in Second Life. During the vernissage on October 4 (8:30 – 12 PM [11:30AM – 3PM SLT]) Second Front, the first performance art group in Second Life, will use The Gate as a in-between stage in front of iMAL visitors and SL passer-by. Perform from The Gate in Second Life with visitors at iMAL

First create a free account in Second Life ( ) and run the software ( ) Once you have this properly installed use this SLurl to teleport to Odyssey: The Gate is installed on the beach of next to the teleport hub.