18 - 19 JULY 2008

The Bridge Festival is a 2 days festival with music and sound-art which takes place in Ruse (Bulgaria) and Giurgiu (Romania), on the 18th and 19th of July.

More than 30 artists from Europe, Canada and U.S. are invited to take part with concerts, performances and sound-installations. The festival is part of European Sound Delta, a pan European project focused on sound-art, field recording and live performances – a 3 months nomadic residency navigating on the Rhine and Danube, a performance across Europe and a radio project concerned with the perception of traversed spaces.

2 boats will simultaneously navigate upstream on both European rivers from the North Sea and the Black Sea down to Strasbourg , with artists on board. During summer 2008, the artists perform live and compose sound pieces from recordings made in the crossed cities: ambiences, languages, music. The Bridge Festival is the first stop in this European sound cruise.

The night concerts will take place in the Roman fortress Sexaginta Prista, on the border of the Danube , and the entrance ticket costs a symbolic 1 euro per day. Apart from the live concerts, The Bridge also presents Le Placard headphone festival, audio installations at the Elias Canetti House in Ruse , as well as audio-walks in various venues in Giurgiu and Ruse .

The Bridge Festival is organised by Rokolectiv (Ro), MU ( Paris ) and Arena Media (BG)



Prins Thomas (NO), Mira Calix (UK), Phill Niblock (US), Joachim Montessuis (FR), Katherine Liberovskaya (CA), Chica and The Folder (DE), Minus & Ion, Sillyconductor (RO), Tom Wilson (RO), Alien Pimp (RO), SKVJS (RO), Vali Chincisan (RO), SKVJS (RO), Henning Lundkvist (SWE), Pistamashina (BG), Cosmiq Microbiq (RO), Camil (RO), Julien Ottavi (FR), TÔ (FR), WPMG (FR)


Friday 18 July

Esd Boat, Dock No.6

18h – Opening concert TÔ (Fr)

Elias Canetti House

19h – Apo33 (Fr) / Halbot / sound instalation

20h – Julien Ottavi – Apo33 (Fr) / live performance

20h30 – Henning Lundkvist (Swe) / live performance & presentation

Sexaginta Prista / Open Air Concerts

22h – WPMG / Fr

23h – Chica and The Folder / De

24h – Sillyconductor / Ro

01h – Tom Wilson / Uk

02h – Prins Thomas / No

04h – Cosmiq Microbiq / Ro

Vj: SKVJS / Ro

Saturday 19 July

Elias Canetti House

12h – 22h – Le Placard headphone festival

14h – 18h – Sound Drop Citysonics (Fr) / audio walk in Ruse

21h – Ottoanna (FR) live performance

22h – Phill Niblock (USA) live from Ruse vs Joachim Montessuis (Fr) live from Mons / video courtesy by Katherine Liberovskaya (Ca)

Sexaginta Prista / Open Air Concerts

23h – Pistamashina / Bg

24h – Mira Calix / Uk

01 – Minus si Ion / Ro

02 – Candie Hank / De

03 – Camil / Ro

04h30 – Alien Pimp / Ro

Vj Vali Chincisan / Ro