09-11 FEBRUARY 2007

The Academy of Electronic Arts is now deep into final development of the second “Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave” (CeC & CaC 2007), in partnership once again with India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi, India.

The incident is scheduled to be played out across several venues within the IIC main-campus through February 9-10-11, 2007, with a special bent towards an e-acoustic focus this time, presenting: Public Performances on all three evenings, in the auditorium; Public Presentations, with Q&A, through Days 2-3, in the auditorium; Public Screenings of unaccompanied presentations, including independent creative video and also special-collections, through Days 2-3, in Conference Room #2; Exhibits & Breakout-Sessions in Conference Room #2, the Rooftop Pergola & Gandhi-King Plaza

The aim of this annual incident is to be a primary networking opportunity for e-Creative Practitioners at the global cutting-edge across all streams of practice to meet and spend quality time with each other, and also a quality local public, sharing works, visions, aspirations, experimentation, inspirations, projections, perceptions and observations upon the burgeoning empowerment of individuals with technology across the entire spectrum of creative human potential, into the future.

CeC & CaC 2007 is dedicated towards magically creative futures in service of general public benefit for children living without technology today.

Participation & Content:

Riding on the back of a subtle tide of global approval and endorsement for the first CeC & CaC (IIC, Jan. ’06), the 2007 iteration takes several steps forward in drawing together an unprecedented gathering of Change-agents from the frontlines of experimentation, usage and advancement of e-Creative Practices around the world.

Alongside a cross-section of Indian participation, some of the international performers & presenters expected to be part of the event include Curtis Bahn (Director iEAR Studios at RPI, USA) , Martin Gotfrit (Director, School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU, Canada) , Sheldon Brown (Director, The Experimental Game Lab at UCSD, USA) , Joel Chadabe (President, The Electronic Music Foundation, USA) , John Antoine Labadie (Director, Digital Academy at UNCP, USA) , Lawrence Casserley (ex-head of Computer Music Studies at Royal College of Music, UK *to be confirmed*) , Hector Rodriguez (Associate Professor & Programme Leader at School of Creative Media, Hong Kong) ,.. and others.