Anharmonium is an immersive installation, investigating the spatial awareness of subtle fluctuations that emerge from vibrational phenomena. The interference patterns within a sonically activated fluid illuminated by laser emissions forge an augmented meditative space, a psycho-physical observatory.

In nature, modal phenomena occur as interactions between diverse oscillating systems, producing mutual perturbations and deviations from pseudo-linear behaviors imposed by gravitational and electromagnetic parameters. The interferential and resonant modes produced by intermingling forces reveal the immense morphological range of matter set into motion. Only a small bandwidth of this range falls within the sensorial envelope of ordinary perception.

Laser spectroscopy is adopted in scientific research to examine the precise energy states and electron dynamics of any molecule whose reaction to light is of interest. In Anharmonium, 3 specially constructed transducers sonicate concave mirrors, containing purified water. The ultrasonics emitted by the transducers are modulated by low and infrasonic frequencies. 


The mirrors are targeted by individual laser beams of different wavelengths, from blue-violet  and green to red tonalities. Laser reflections from the mirrors,  diffracted by the water’s kinetic surface, intertwine in a magnified projection that  enfolds the observer.

The acoustic modulations, initially performed at inaudible low frequencies for generating dynamic fluid motion, are further processed and diffused as an ambisonically spatialized generative composition via a 4.1 surround speakers configuration.