Villa Arconati - Bollate (Milan)
12 - 14 / 06 / 2015

Following the success of the first edition, which saw the participation of over 2500 attenders, Terraforma, an international experimental music festival with a particular focus on sustainability,will take place in the woods of Villa Arconati outside Milan, Italy, on the upcoming weekend 12th 13th 14th of June 2015.

Three intense days of live performances, workshops and talks with artists and musicians surrounded by nature. Like a refined sound sculpture slowly taking shape, the music of Terraforma will surface through an imaginific path where jazz percussion rhythms, electronic beats, and ambient suspensions alternate and mix with each other creating a unique atmosphere.

Over 20 international artists will perform on the wooden stage, such as the American composer Charles Cohen, true pioneer of its genre able to combine free jazz notes together with the sound of a Buchla synthesiser; avantgarde German visual artist and composer Robert Lippok, who has been an influential player in Berlin’s thriving experimental music scene for the last twenty years; Donato Dozzy & Nuel play Aquaplano, a 4 hour “session” with tribal rhythms and ambient textures to sketch out a much more heady, psychedelic form of techno.


Mark Ernestus, the seminal techno producer with Moritz von Oswald of Basic Channel and latterly Rhythm & Sound, now focusing on his new project sculpting the sounds of African music; Chicago jazz drummer Hamid Drake, widely regarded among the best percussionists in improvised music; the inspirational mind behind Terraforma, Rabih Beaini, comes back as a deejay; indonesian avant-rock duo Senyawa, with their self built music instrumentsand surprising vocal extensions are one of the most intense live band of the moment; Keith Fullerton Whitman, developer of a truly “live electronic music” experience incorporating an ever-changing hardware-based modular system.

Valerio Tricoli, one of the most talented electro-acoustic composers presented by S/V/N/; Convextion, futurist and techno–inspired producer form Seattle also known under his electro alias E.R.P.; Bochum Welt, electronic musician and multimedia professional with releases on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex; Itinerant Dubs, mysterious duo born between London and Berlin producing mutant dub and broken beat rhythms through Honest Jon’s; London-based Marco Shuttle, whose journeying and organic electronic sound takes cues from jazz and musique concrete as much as it does from acid house and Detroit techno; Gea Brown,with her background in art history, approaches to djing by researching different musical currents, from minimalism to drone and electroacoustic music.

291out, dadaist–inspired prog and jazz–funk ensemble of professional soundtracks composers; the comeback of Rawmance with his dreamful landscapes, along with those more fragmented by Volcov and Turbojazz between house, soul and jazz; last but not least the eclectic Paquita Gordon and the hypnotic acoustic guitarist Maurizio Abate. Tickets available via the new Terraforma website


Charles Cohen and Keith Fullerton Whitman will also talk to the public within lectures hosted by Katie Gibbons from The Wire magazine, while Robert Lippok will be in conversation with the Italian journalist Damir Ivic. Also, Otolab’s “Punto Zero” interactive workshop and performance – in collaboration with itinerant club BUKA – will show synchronised lights and spatialised sounds to form a circular sign in the space of representation. Another workshop, with the manufacture of ceramics, will be curated by multidisciplinary artist collective Rio Grande.

Meanwhile, Terraforma’s sustainability project goes on with the recovery and the redevelopment of a new part of the forest of Villa Arconati. A larger, shaded camping area has been set up, and the self-construction of a new structure designed by the Milanese studio Zarcola and Francisco Rodriguez through a workshop between 25 May and 2 June was scheduled to continue creating an architectural park. The stage, designed last year by Emanuela and Matteo Petrucci for Towers, will awaken almost unchanged after the long winter hibernation.

The food area changes radically. Terraforma, in collaboration with the innovative online platform We Deliver Taste, will present “Le forme della terra”, a new concept of the market and gastronomic experience to describe the supply chain. Six skilled food makers will join bio producers to prepare their specialties using only natural raw ingredients.

The new artwork for Terraforma is curated by the Berlin-based visual artist Luca Trevisani. “Music and Nature – explain the Terraforma creators – are two essential elements of Terraforma, common elements of the artistic consideration without space and time. From this starting point we chose to invite a different artist to depict an image for each edition of Terraforma. After the black and white abstract landscapes of Ignazio Mortellaro in the first edition, this year we present the work of Luca Trevisani, who interpreted and translated the concept of the festival into a series of images in which the organic element is crossed by mutations that multiply its original visual power”.



Terraforma festival is a cultural initiative promoted by Threes, a non-profit organization established in early 2012 by Dario Nepoti, Ruggero Pietromarchi and Alberto Brenta. Research, time and simplicity stand as prerequisites for developing creative and innovative processes. Through these steps, Threes achieved quality results coupling sustainability and accessibility, gaining experience in the production of musical projects and cultural events, whilst forming a team of young architects, artists, musicians, video artists and lightdesigners.