Art, technological innovation, communica­tion and environmental sustainability are the focus of Tec-Art-Eco art and technology for the environment, promoted by Ariella Vidach – AiEP Association (MILAN) and Avventure in Eli­cottero Prodotti (LUGANO) with the support of the P.O. di Cooperazione Transfrontaliera Italia – Svizzera / FESR – Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale.

TEC ART ECO is a three-year project (2009/2011) of festivals and workshops held in the region “Insubrica” (Lugano – Como – Gallarate) designed to raise public awareness about environmental sustainability and technological innovation applied to the arts. Music, technology, performance, dance and audio-visual installations come together in one event, which include concerts, shows, exhibitions, installations, lectures and workshops.

Festival 01-Germinations will take place from 30th of September and 31st of October in Como, Gallarate and Lugano with the partecipation of Alva Noto – Car­sten Nicolai, Eduardo Kac, Leo Hickman, Daito Manabe and many artists and thinkers on the international scene.

The project also aims at founding a work team with the intention of elaborating, documenting and divulging a pilot-methodology for the organization of zero impact cultural events. Art is used as a mean of discussing a wider aspect of technology’s environmental sustainability and as a way of valuing the Lugano-Como-Varese triangle, also touristic-wise. Sustainability is used as a mean of valuing new ways in the morphology of such a naturally-rich area.

The itinerary of the Festival 01 – Germination, at its epicentre in the city of Como (thanks to the patronage of Assessorati Cultura e Politiche Giovanili) includes, among other initiatives:

Eduardo Kac, “transgenic artist” and professor of art and technology at the Art Institute of Chicago, with the exhibition ARCHITETTURE CONNETTIVE E TRANSGENICHE (30/9 – 3/10 – San Pietro in Atrio)

Alva Noto, DJ, musician, sculptor and a close associate of Michael Nyman, as part of the audiovisual concert LIVECROSSMEDIA (1/10 – h. 21.30 – Ex Mercato Coperto)

Leo Hickman, journalist, editor of “Etichal Living” for “The Guardian” as a speaker in the conference MONOLOGUES (1/10 – h. 14.00 – Biblioteca di Como)

CROSSMEDIAPERFORMING, an event dedicated to new creations by young artists of dance, music and performing arts (2/10 – h.21.30 – Ex Mercato Coperto)

Important events will also take place in Gallarate and Lugano: exhibition Carsten Nicolai. SOLO SHOW (vernissage October the 1st 2010 – until 31/10 MA * GA – Gallarate), the conference and workshops IN-TERACTIVE PROGRESS with Daito Manabe, artist, programmer and designer and Massimo Banzi expert in interactive design and founder of “Arduino” project (6-8/10 – Palazzo dei Congressi / SUPSI – Lugano).