8-9 FEBRUARY 2008 presents the new workshop “SWAMP Splash: about the deluge of information rising up through the grass-roots”. The 8 th of February, at 12:00 and 15:00, Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow from will demo VisitorsStudio and introduce participants to its (easy-to-use) tool-set and features. Using your own files (bring jpg, mp3, swf, flv under 200k) or harvesting files from the net, you can work with others to create and distribute mixes and remixes. The day will end with a live online performance by all participants.

VisitorsStudio ( 2003-) is an networked, many to many, real-time art project created and distributed live in real-time across the Internet. Participants link together at the same time and mix and remix audio-visual files. The VisitorsStudio artware is also an always-on, open, social space. As they work together, live conversations between participants (identified by their moving cursor arrows) become a part of the performance- along with comments and heckling from the audience.

Through VisitorsStudio explores the ongoing expressive and communicative processes of human beings collaborating in new ways in this context, as active agents in the production of the cultural landscape.

Participants will need: laptops with browser, wireless capability